Oscar’s Night

I always think of my best things to blog about when I’m working in the early morning. Unfortunately my laptop isn’t attached to my hip that early in the day. Cinnamon Rolls and Fruit Tarts, well that’s another story.

The activities committee for church asked me to do desserts for our Oscar’s Night. The ward was split up into groups and made their own videos, the plan was to eat a wonderful dinner, screen the videos, and enjoy dessert.

I was dessert. I decided on cupcakes. Since the theme was Oscars I decided to make red velvet to mimic the red carpet. I also decided on a midnight chocolate cupcake with amaretto frosting to break it up a little bit. The red velvet cupcakes were garnished with fondant stars that we’re painted in an edible gold paint. The chocolate cupcakes were by far my favorite. I made chocolate bow ties and top hats to dress up them up. Each was hand painted in silver luster dust to really make them shine.

To give some height to the table I wanted to make 3D sugar cookie statues. I found this awesome tutorial on Bakerella and fell in love. This year I’ve decided to really improve my sugar cookie work and this was right up my alley. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to get the cookie cutter shipped to make them for the event. Then again I am me, and don’t take the word “No” very well. So I did some research. My best option was to build my own cookie cutter. Thank goodness my Momma was in town for the twins arrival. She doesn’t think my projects are crazy. Love that woman.

45 minutes later we were leaving Lowe’s with a 10ft long piece of aluminum siding, clamps, glue and some enthusiasm. An hour later and we had a rocking cookie cutter.

Not to shabby if I do say so myself.

 Now for the drama. It wouldn’t be a successful event without drama now would it? I was spent this week. Between the twins arrival, my family in town. I really didn’t have a whole lot left to give to make this event happen. I really, really wanted to do this. I wanted to show all these people who knew I was a pastry chef what I was truly capable of. There really was no way I wasn’t going to make this happen. 300 cupcakes? I do that in my sleep. Pretty much did. On top of cooking around the clock there was a huge roommate blowout. Nothing that needs to be mentioned here, but it really just added to the stress of finishing the event. Somehow I finished with enough time to shower. My mom came over to help wash dishes and make sure I was put together before it was time to deliver and set up. Did I mention I love her? Let’s not kid ourselves. Wash the dishes certainly means stabilize the hurricane of emotion and exhaustion that was covered in buttercream. I’m so truly grateful she was here.  By the time we finished setting up I had 45 minutes to change and get back to the event. It was critical that I looked good. There was going to be a lot of attention on me. Rather than going home, Mom whisked me away to buy a new dress and look good for the night. In 30 minutes she had an entire outfit picked out for me. I changed inbetween stoplights and painted my toes on the last one. Nothing a can of hairspray and 15minutes can’t fix right?

While I was trying on dresses my mom produced these shoes. Sassy to say the least, and oh so worth it. So grateful for a fun event and my fairy godmother.

Can’t even tell I hadn’t slept in 3 days. 

2 thoughts on “Oscar’s Night

  1. All I can say is WOW. That looks like a ton of work. And incredible too! Way to go! I think I need to be in your ward to eat all the yummy stuff you make…


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