…but you love crazy!

Jess here.

I’m getting old you guys. I’m thinking rational things like, I bet my body would be happy if I slept more than 4 hours a night. Maybe I should get gas before the light comes on, and you should pack toilet paper in an accessible box when you move.

Things have been stable, blech. I hate the word stable. I have been happy. My life is so good. Even when someone walked out of my life unexpectedly. I chose happy. Work is awesome, I’m working on two new recipes right now, and one is for fall. Fall baking wraps my heart and soul in a yummy cinnamon nutmeg hug, you know the way you feel when the air changes? I get that a little early this year.

I have yet to be “home” on a weekend in a month. This week was exhausting, full of happy, grateful, infertility miracle tears. Family visits, moving, a very convincing pep talk to myself that I could light a pilot light on the water heater, hauling appliances downstairs, picking up the perfect love seat in the ghetto of Utah, style icon awards night with Hil, a sprint through the airport and oh yeah. I’m back in Idaho.

Doing Laundry in the hotel like adults do.

So let’s see here.






I’m determined to get caught up with this blog this week.

but maybe after a power nap.

oh yeah, and we sold a Teepee.


sleepy Jess

who absolutely loves crazy weeks like this. my heart just feels so alive.

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