Hummingbird Cake!

My heart is celebrating today, as well as the rest of me. Hummingbird cake became my baby a few months ago. I’ve always loved this cake and to get the assignment to make it into a mini bundt cake for Kneaders was a dream come true. I love recipe development. I love getting to think through every last detail, from portion size, to cost control, how long would it take one of my pastry chefs to produce this for the case, or design details like 5 loops or 6? 

I just love this part of my job. I love the perfectionist outlet it gives me. True to form we were not going to stop researching until it was perfect. 5 pans later we’re in business. Thankfully France knows whats up. The difference between pans 4 & 5 is literally 1/64 of an inch, and it was completely worth it. This afternoon I got the final approval, and these will be going company wide soon! 

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