Overgramming and other Qualifying Statements.

Social media can be hard. Knowing what to say, or how you’re going to be perceived. Deciding to post things in the middle of the night, or when you’re tired or angry. So many mutha lovin social cues.

Personally, I would rather you own your hot mess express train. And I certainly don’t care if you’re having a life event that makes you feel an emotion you want to post a thousand pictures of what’s going on around you. In fact, I love it.

I love instagram for that very reason. I can keep up with my busy sisters and their babies, I have a front row seat to my parents juicing projects. (Turns out Collard Greens is a no, no.) I can see my friends fall so blissfully in love with someone, with their passion, with their talent, most importantly themselves. Not in an OMG lolz 400 selfies in the same outfit situation, In a look at that mountain they climbed sorta way.

Don’t project your insecurity by hashtagging something #overgram. Own it. There is no point in anyone complaining about someone else posting too many pictures. Save your breath and unfollow someone instead of complaining about them.

Let’s also talk about opinions on Facebook. You believe in something? Great, tell me about it, pick a stance.  If it’s something I want to see or read, I’ll read it. If you’re obnoxious, I’ll hide you from my feed and we’re still FB friends. I feel like we make too big of a deal about things like this.  It’s like no one went to high school.  9x out of 10 I find it more obnoxious for someone to be all sorts of wishy washy in their social media. I am by no means perfect, but if I’m going to post about being exhausted represented with a Quadricorn Mug (picture of a 4 horned unicorn on the mug) I’m going to stand by my juice.

Post what you want people. I got your back.

unless your Miley Cyrus.

Homegirl needs a bath, church, and someone to explain to her that 1. T. Swizzle already made a song called 22. 23 is so original. #2 I feel like she grafitied the legend of Michael Jordan.

“Yah nasteeeee” -Raven

3 thoughts on “Overgramming and other Qualifying Statements.

  1. I agree!!! I LOVE posting pics/videos of Holland and I don't care if people get annoyed! Not that I want to annoy people but I figure that if they don't like it they will either a. not comment/like what I post or b. delete/ignore my stuff. Haha. I do social media to keep track of our lives and things that make me happy and if Holland is extra cute one day then every one is going to get an extra dose of baby cuteness whether they like it or not! I love to over gram my baby! And I love when you over gram your gingerbread house! Haha. Also, I think it is so fun to go to my home ward in AZ and have everyone tell me how much they feel like they're a part of Holland's life since they see her so much on Instagram/Facebook. So for the most part I don't feel like I'm bugging too many people. I guess I'm lucky to have such an adorable baby!


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