…and then he kissed me

Remember how he didn’t kiss me on the first date?
Remember how he didn’t kiss me on the second date?
Remember how he didn’t kiss me on the third date?
Remember how he didn’t kiss me on the fourth date?
Remember how he didn’t kiss me on the fifth date?

We were at dinner with some friends and they were asking for the run down of our relationship and to be honest a lot of the details have run into each other because we’ve spent everyday together. This is the happiest I’ve been in my entire life.  So many amazing details. Butterflies, smiles, and details.

It was pretty simple, that whole first kiss thing. I admit I was getting impatient, emotionally we were both in deep. It kinda felt like he fell out of the sky and walked into my life being all sorts of perfect, (and I never want him to walk out. ) But we still hadn’t kissed.

but we had talked. We had talked about how his favorite Disney movie was Lion King as a kid, but now it’s Beauty and the Beast. We talked about how I drink V8 like my life depends on it. We talked about the time my head got stuck in a wet suit, and the time he tried to make “Scooter” happen as a nickname. We talked about his love for the Brecker Brothers and my love of gingerbread houses.

We talked about favorite hymns, and our families, and us. Long deep conversations about US.

So I admit it, I made a move.

Being the lady that I am, I was determined not to kiss him first, but I figured giving him a hint that I trusted him enough to kiss me would be okay.

(That was quite the set up wasn’t it?)

All I did was kiss his ear while we were watching Leverage.

and then he made me wait even longer.

The show finished and we decided to say goodnight, he kissed my cheek at the top of the stairs and hugged me goodbye.

Remember how he didn’t kiss me on the fifth date?

We have a really good habit of talking after the movie, so date/day 6 he had pulled me in close while we were talking and he was staring into my eyes with those piercing baby blue eyes of his and then in the same moment we both stopped talking, and he kissed me like he meant it.

and I never knew what that felt like.

I mean I thought I did, but no one ever waited that long to kiss me. No one waited to know me like he has before they kissed me. No one made the effort to chase me, and respect me, and value me like he did.

Kisses can tell you a lot of things, kisses from someone who knows your heart can tell you even more.

Falling for a gentleman has its perks.


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