Online Dating and Vulnerability

It’s nuts that I met Scott online, and that it worked. I mean, he could have been a serial killer or a crusty Chester Molester type. Instead I got exactly what I wanted. I think online dating has a stigma, that you’re desperate or insecure if you’re online. And I will be the first to tell you it’s true ….sometimes. 
It might take a bad date, or getting your heart broken, or your best friend getting married. To have that moment of “well, why not me?” “Why can’t it be my turn?” 
**insert Ariel and the sea creatures breaking into song. “When’s it my tuuuuuurn?” 
So here’s the thing, if you’re going to be vulnerable and put it out there that this is who you are and that you’re looking for love, you’re in control. 
1. You don’t have to say yes to everyone that “flirts” with you. You get to be picky. 
2. Be honest with your profile. Do not Paul Blart beef up your profile.( unless you have a legit Segway dance routine to a lost 80’s hit)
3. Be safe. I took pepper spray on our first date and used Find my Friends so someone could track me in case I got in trouble. Doesn’t make you silly, it makes you smart.
4. Pick someone you wouldn’t think you’re compatible with. Scott and I have a lot of different interests, but that makes our relationship fun. We both have a lot to bring to the table. 
5. Trust yourself, froyo or cupcakes is an acceptable first date. If you aren’t convinced it feels right after 30 mins who’s to say you shouldn’t call it a night?
6. Do not write anyone if you’re upset or tired. No one likes the sleazy emotional girl. I take that back, a lot of people like that girl, but you don’t want to be that girl. 
7. Respond! Hey what’s up, doesn’t exactly start a conversation. Write a lot and write frequently.
I consider myself a 21st Century Kathleen Kelly. 
What is NY152 going to say today I wonder?
It doesn’t matter where you meet your love, as long as you meet them. Right?
This I know. 

One thought on “Online Dating and Vulnerability

  1. OK, so let's talk about how I *just* told my friend last night that one of my favorite things about Tinder after a couple days of using it is how much CONTROL I feel. In real life I hate getting cornered at parties or feeling obligated to go out with someone in my social circle just because they asked….with Tinder, if I'm not interested after all, I can just put the phone down and walk away. It's very liberating. Also, I just love your bravery and open mind. AND…..I literally watched several You've Got Mail clips this morning, just to see the part where Tom Hanks shakes the fence and yells “She had to be! She had. to. be!” ahahah


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