Okay, but when can I kiss him? {Engaged part 1}

We had talked about Scott talking to Poppa Bear before March Madness, but my dear rational Mr. Daly thought it would be good to meet the family first. Which I agreed made more sense. Plus during March Madness weekend I got to talk to my parents, just me and them and have a wonderful discussion on marriage, and tell them that Scott is THE one.

and then I spent a month on my sick bed. With plenty of time to have a meltdown about whether or not I could actually kiss my Scott when we got engaged.

I mean SERIOUSLY ?! He’s going to ask me to spend eternity with him and all I’m going to be able to do is High Five him?

So there was a cry for help.. We were a WEEK away from our trip, a girls gotta take matters into her own hands sometimes.  Heaven bless doctors who don’t think you’re ridiculous for texting them silly grade school girl questions like, “When can I kiss my boyfriend?”

Which led to this. 

That last gif really is a winner. 
Now all I needed to do was find some energy to pack. .. But I used up all my energy laying on the floor and using a cheap app to censor  edit the picture. Thankfully Hannah saved the day and helped me pick out outfits and tackle the laundry monster. 

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