Scott talks to Poppa Bear, Jess makes Milkshakes. {Engaged part 3}

Okay, so it’s not like I didn’t know this conversation was coming. That was kinda the point of the trip. Right? Right.

We had plenty of time to talk in the car on the way to Flagstaff, and we knew that there was going to be a two hour window at my parents house before we would have to leave for the baseball game in Phoenix that night.

I figured Scott could just talk to my Poppa while he was home for lunch, and then I found myself with the whole family out to lunch with the worst possible conversations happening over the table. Rick and Alyssa were texting under the table to each other because me and Poppa Bear had launched into a conversation that definitely could have been discussed later.

So then we were walking to the cars, and Scott asks me if he should ask him. Uhm, yes? I don’t know, right here in the parking lot??

So he walks right up to Poppa Bear and says, “If it’s possible I would really like to talk to you before we go to the game.”

“Okay, if you want to come down to my office, I’ll make myself available.”


COMEEEEEE ONNNNNNNNN.. That’s not even fair. Poppa Bear has a three foot SWORD hanging on his wall. I mean, I know I’m his favorite, but I started to freak out. Scott sucked air pretty quick too getting into the back of my Mom’s truck, which, for my calm, rational, level headed man, I’m pretty sure was a sign of nerves.

So away we went back home because we drove with my mom, and I was legit starting to panic.

We got back to the house and Scott was in his room grabbing the tickets and I went into the kitchen to talk to Momsie. Who told me Scott needed to go in there alone.


He’s been in Flagstaff maybe an hour?

Scott was worried we might hit traffic if he had to come back to the house to get me, and so we decided Momsie would bring me to the office 15 minutes after Scott left.

I put the office address in his phone and he was out the door before I could even tell him it was a white office building.

By the time I pulled it together to text him, he responded with a “Here.”

Clearly he’s an adult.

So there was nothing to do but conference call all the sisters, and make Scott a double-double Blue Bell Milkshake.

It’s reallllllllly fun to be a McGuire girl, it’s even more fun to share exciting life changing moments with my sisters.

Thank you to Alyssa for taking pictures and fielding the social media on this one. 🙂 
It had been 35 minutes and THEY STILL WEREN’T OUT. Leaving plenty of time for speculation in the parking lot. What could they possibly be talking about?! Scott is really blunt, and Poppa Bear is a man of few words. They were not braiding each other’s hair and talking about American Idol. Good grief. 
**Meanwhile at the office**
I was ready for this so I bolted out the door and headed to Pernell’s office. I walked in and he asked me to shut the door as he sat behind his behemoth of a desk. We had a very simple conversation, very similar to one I would have if a boy wanted to marry my daughter. He simply asked me to take care of Jess and to honor my Priesthood. We were done in about 15 minutes and it looked like Jess hadn’t showed up yet with her Mom so I sat in the lobby and waited for them. The funny part is that I was staring out that lobby window pretty intently looking for them. Apparently, I was just looking out the wrong side of the parking lot I guess. I eventually thought to myself I’ll step outside to organize things in my truck but, as I stepped out, that’s when I saw them sitting her Mom’s truck waiting. So I quickly turned around and went back inside to grab Pernell because he wanted to come out and say hi.
So then Scott FINAAAAAALLLLLY poked his head out the first set of doors and saw me, and turned right back around and headed back into the office. 
Dad broke the silence by saying, “Well you didn’t tell me Scott was going to ask me for a job..” 
Ha ha .. wait what? Okay it’s a joke, we’re good. 
“I told him it was okay, that was what you wanted right?”
Yes, yes it was. 
Turns out Poppa Bear wanted to come out and say congratulations before we went to the baseball game. The women in my family marry calm, rational, level headed men. 

I sure do love my Dad, I am so grateful for my relationship with him. I think we get along so well because we are very much the same person. Although I knew that this trip was going to include an engagement, I was determined that this conversation happened before anything was planned for a wedding. It was really important to me that he got this conversation. I really, really hit the lottery with him. My Dad is the best. 
Someone caught Shirley taking Selfies of important things again 🙂 

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