Temple, Vegas, it’s like there’s a theme here Mr. Daly {Engaged part 2. }

And then Wednesday came,  worked in the morning and the tired, sick clouds parted long enough to shave my legs and have a top 10 hair day before Scott came to pick me up. Bless everything. 

Scott’s version of vacation and road trip snacks are mostly Hostess, and Hostess byproducts. Whatever makes him happy 🙂 

So the plan was St. George, Vegas, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Flagstaff, St. George, Home! 
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of us 🙂 

 We stayed with his parents Wednesday night in St. George, and spent Thursday morning touring in St. George. This is the temple my parents got married in!

I have a collection of Scott photobombing pictures, this is one of his best. 

Blue, blue sky. 

So fun to get to spend the morning with Fred and Gayle. 

and then Mr. Daly whisked me off to go play in Vegas. 

Like I said.. 

The Bellagio
And then we watched the water show. 
When we were driving into Vegas I spotted the Bluebell Ice Cream truck, which is the most majestical tasting ice cream ever. Scott didn’t seem to think that it was a good idea for me to try and jump onto the back of it, so I told him that all I wanted out of Vegas was a bowl of Blue Bell Ice cream. 
We went and had some amazing Thai food with Scott’s sister Shannon and her husband Brian. And went back to their house to visit, when Shannon announced that there were three gallons of bluebell in the freezer I got so excited I swatted Scott. Amazing. 
And then Friday morning we drove to Flagstaff… where I knew a very important conversation was going to happen between Scott and Poppa Bear. 
Stay tuned for Part 3. 🙂 

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