Knock one out of the park. The one in which Scott puts a ring on it. {Engaged part 4}

I am one of those girls who makes fun of those girls who get engaged  married, and fall off the face of the Earth. I mean, Prince Charming just walks in and then boom. You don’t have time to blog anymore? It’s all true, I just want to spend all my time with Scott, so much so that I’ve been so distracted with him, I seem to have neglected to write the most important part of the engagement! Good grief, figure it out.

So where were we?

Scott passed the Poppa Bear meet & greet, and my heartbeat finally stabilized. Everything (well almost) was allowed to happen now. We actually had the go ahead to get engaged, and you know what comes after that? I get to be Mrs. Daly. So yeah, that was a pretty incredible feeling to be holding Mr. Daly’s hand pulling out of my Dad’s parking lot.

Scott is a bit of a tease, and the sassiest boy I know. That’s why I picked him. I’m pretty sassy don’tcha know.

We had ANOTHER TWO FREAKING HOURS IN THE CAR to get to the Diamondbacks game in Phoenix.

Which, Scott spent asking me questions about what we were going to do TOMORROW, as if he was feeling out the situation to make a plan to propose.

I gave him 9 different scenarios. No joke, I counted. Nine different scenarios for a small town is a lot of options. Every single time he responded with a smile and “Oh, that sounds good!”

What a punk.

Little did I know that he had much bigger surprises in store for me. We cuddled, and yelled at the umps, and ate hot dogs for dinner. (Scott later told me two dreams came true that night, he had a chili cheese dog at the ball park, and I said yes.)

So maybe the amazing seats probably could have been a tip off, but it’s always this amazing when Scott’s in charge of the plan, so why question it?

We stood up and sang take me out to the ball game during the 7th inning stretch, I got lost in his blue eyes a time or two and couldn’t stop smiling at the way the corners of his eyes get crinkly when he looks at me.

Matching was unintentional, but I love it even more. 

And then the game was over, it was time to drive back to Flagstaff and get excited for tomorrow. The day I thought he was going to propose. We sat in the row for a minute until everyone around us cleared out, and we were holding hands and I started to walk out of the row.

Scott wasn’t as close to me as he usually is, and then he pulled on my hand to turn me around.

and as I turned to face him, he was dropping down onto one knee to ask me the most important question of my life, with the prettiest ring I have ever seen.

He completely surprised me, and I was so caught off guard, and excited I kept saying yes and started kissing him before he could hardly get the ring on my finger.

It was pretty magical, everyone around us started clapping and then we held hands and ran for the car so we could start calling everyone.

My whole heart, will be yours forever. This is a beautiful start to a lifelong love letter. 
Let’s tell the world that we finally got it all right.. I choose you. 

Big fan, is a ridiculous understatement. My wedding band is a skinny, gold, diamond band. On Saturday when I got to be with my Mom and Grammy I realized that all of us have round solitaires on gold bands, and I fell in love even more. Tradition is so beautiful. 
So if you asked Scott right now what he has in his pockets he would pull his keys out of his left pocket and his phone from his right pocket, and his wallet from his back left pocket. We usually hold hands and rest our hands on his leg. It’s not like he could hide a huge ring box from me. 
Remember when I fell in love with those red shoes before I even met him? I love those red shoes. 
He hid that box in his sock for 9+ hours, but it’s better when he tells it. 
When we first arrived in Flagstaff to Jess’ family’s home, I took the first opportunity I had to sneak the ring box from my suitcase and stuff it into my sock. That was at about 1pm. Then we had lunch with her family and I had the discussion with her father. I had been planning on proposing to Jess for quite some time, meaning like a month haha.

Originally, I was planing this trip back around Christmas time to go alone and treat myself to a Diamondbacks game for my mini spring break. Then I met Jess and I offered to her to tag along for my mini spring break road trip. Then our relationship escalated and we thought that I should probably talk to her dad on this trip. 

As we left Flagstaff and started driving down to Phoenix for the ballgame. My plan was to try to make her think I was going to propose the next day in order to try to issue as much surprise I could for the evening at the game. Hence, I kept asking about plans for the next to get her off the trail. 

Then we were at the game and I was ready to do this. I knew the location, the time, and person were right. When the game was over, I waited for the people in our row to leave and then Jess started leaving but, as she turned around I quickly bent over to get the ringbox out of my sock, then I pulled her back and as she turned back around I knelt down to ask her the question. I knew I had surprised her because as I knelt down I saw the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face. Her face absolutely lit up. She said yes and it took a minute to finally put the ring on. I heard one person around say “that’s awesome!” 

It was all so perfect.

And from the beginning I knew Scott was different. I remember tell a good friend after our first date that I felt like I had just gone on a date with my husband. From the beginning we fit perfectly.

I called my Mom to tell her I was going down two weeks after we started dating. Eating every single one of my defiant words to her the week before where I claimed that I WAS NOT exactly like my sisters. I guess I will continue the tradition of McGuire girls who fall hard and fast.

but hey, when you know, you know. Right?

I know.

It just felt real, the basic day to day things.

It felt real, that I was going to marry this boy when he kissed me in the parking lot after my Dad said yes.

It felt real when he opened my door to walk me into the baseball game.

It felt real when he kissed the back of my neck and it gave me goosebumps.

It felt real when his hand fit so perfectly with mine.

It felt real the night we played cards in the teepee and he promised me the world.

It felt real standing there in the ball park when my life became the best romantic comedy the world has ever seen.

It felt real when I said yes.

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