The Second Engagement *spoiler* The clearance letter came !

June 2nd I was on the phone with my Mom. I was so humbled by the support and love we felt in response to my last post. There were even a couple of people that had either been through the same thing or people who were heading into the same situation reach out to us. So many good conversations. Feeling hopeful I was trying to make a plan for what we were going to do if the letter didn’t come for awhile, or if it came and said we needed to wait a few more months. Everything is planned around that temple date.

and then mid-conversation Scott called. Scott and I don’t really talk on the phone, so I figured I would finish talking to my mom and call him back in a minute.

but then instead of a voicemail he kept calling. I immediately put it together and answered his call.

Through tears and screaming and excitement Scott told me the wait was over.

Immediately bursting into tears and screaming and excitement of my own I managed to choke out a “where are you?” and a “please come over”.

It didn’t matter that I was gross from working out with my hair on my head.

He immediately rushed to come over and for the LONGEST 10 minutes of my life I tried to call parents and siblings and stared out my favorite kitchen window for Prince Charming to pull up.

As soon as I saw him I took off running down the driveway, and he started running towards me, letter in hand. I jumped on him, and he wrapped me in a hug so close I could feel his heart beating next to mine.

Finally. Finally. Finally.

and then he kissed me like I was allowed to be his, and he was allowed to be mine.

In that moment something changed. It was deeper, it was more real. Finally there were no walls in our way. There was a countdown.

I got cleaned up while Scott started calling everyone, we were so excited it didn’t even matter that the temple was closed on Monday and we couldn’t call them. Ha. So we celebrated by starting our registry and going to Outback.

I imagine this was a little taste of the joy and excitement we will feel on our wedding day. I have spent everyday since we met thanking Heavenly Father for this incredible man, and trying to wrap my head around why I was so blessed. This trial was truly such a small moment, and I would do it again in a heartbeat to be with Scott forever.

53 days and counting.

Lauren Michelle Photography

Scott wrote about the facts and timing of obtaining the temple clearance form here. 

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