oh. and we bought a boat.

Scott is the best.

Really though, he’s very calculated and rational, but he let’s my crazy run wild. In fact he usually grabs my hand and chases the crazy right next to me.

So when I thought I was just getting over a stomach bug, pushing through and declaring “I’m not sick anymore and neither are you. ” Seemed reasonable. I had been down for 48hours, and well there is life to be lived. It was Friday night and we were going to go out.

“Hey Babe, wanna go buy a canoe and go on an aquatic adventure?”

10 minutes later a very good looking Mr. Daly was knocking on my door ready to play.

The adventure started out with my very rational idea that we could find a canoe at D.I.

They were out. Rats.

Not to be deterred, I decided Target would have a canoe.

They didn’t.

But they did have floaties shaped like tropical animals.

So we bought a toucan and a monkey, you know, safety first.

Somewhere in aisle 17 as I was frolicking debating what I really wanted to happen.  Scott asked me what the actual goal was.

An Aquatic Adventure Dear!

yes, but what does that mean?

Well, a boat of some sort and a body of water.

So we went to Cabelas.

They had boats lined up out the door just waiting for us, and I’m sure the salesguy saw us a mile away.

By this point we had caught a case of the sillies, and as we held hands in the store’s display paddleboat a decision was made.

Okay, so the salesguy said that they were really romantic, but still. Who DOESN’T want a four seater paddleboat with a biminy boat top and adjustable seat backs? It even has a cooler! Just in case we’re out paddling and need a cold beverage to quench our thirst. Really it’s better than Cinderella’s carriage.

Five minutes later we were trying to jam our new boat into the bed of Scott’s truck. We may have slightly underestimated the size of the boat, but we got it in the back, and Scott pulled out clip on emergency flashers from his emergency kit.


Is there anything more attractive than preparedness?

So off we went with our emergency flashers chasing the sun.

We had made this huge effort to go on an aquatic adventure, so the boat was getting in the water. Dark or not.  Thanks to google maps I found a body of water. Which will be left nameless to protect the innocent.

And then Scott found a road, which actually wasn’t a road, more of a very wide, well paved bike path, but the water was visible from the top of the hill so it was a good idea.  So we may have followed a biker for  like a mile until we put together that we weren’t supposed to be there. There may or may not have been a locked gate saying that that was a No-No.  Like a champ, Scott flipped a U-ie on the bike path with zero visibility.

We found our little patch of heaven just as the sun was going down, and launched our girl on her maiden voyage. Which we have lovingly named Yeah Buoy!

We did a victory lap in the dark, and it was perfect.

Aquatic Adventure = Success.

Extended Footage of Yeah Buoy!’s maiden voyage.

If you listen real close at 1:05, we realized we probably should have unwrapped the plastic wrap “protecting” the pedals from rotating.