Foodie Facelift

Oh hey!

Somehow it’s September 20th, I haven’t blogged in months, I’m married and moved cross country. It’s been a pretty awesome ride. I decided that since I have been writing Jessica Nan since 2008, I wanted to keep this little spot on the internet alive. I also decided that since I had been writing here for so long I wanted to keep this spot about me, and to have a separate spot for our life as the Dalys. In the six weeks that we’ve been married I have discovered that I don’t know how to make dinner every single day, or meal plan, or grocery shop without a pep talk from one of my sisters or my mom first.

and I have a degree in food.

and I’m a CEPC for a large company that’s expanding exponentially.

but dinner you guys.


and I would really like to not stink at this whole wife thing.

So I started doing some research on this elusive dinner project, and started combining techniques I use with my commercial kitchens, and from the Dinner Greats. i.e. My Mom and my Sisters.

Then you know, the blog got a foodie facelift.

I imagine it was a pretty gratifying phone call for my Mom when I finally appreciated how stinking hard it is to come up with dinner everyday.

And I’m a good cook, my training is specifically Baking & Pastry but I know my way around the kitchen. My favorite meals are the ones that I can plan each little menu item down to a T. But that isn’t very practical when you have to do it everyday. No one has time to make a 5-course meal on the daily. (Kinda like that one time I made Easter dinner and it included a 30lb ham for the two of us. heh. We’re learning over here.) I plan on taking simple dishes and giving them a gourmet touch while making them my own.

I was given my Grandma McGuire’s recipe box nearly six years ago, and I have been dying to cook my way through it. I’ve wanted to have a recipe/foodie blog for a long time now, and I finally feel like I have enough content and opportunity to make it happen.

So join me in the kitchen won’t you? There’s nobody here, but us servantless American Cooks.

**I will be starting a “Daly News” blog in the next few weeks to start our family journal. (This is where the wedding pictures will be going.) It will be private, so if you want an invite let me know!**