Greek Yogurt Creme Brûlée (#madewithchobani)

Happy Christmas Eve!

Mr. Daly and I are dashing through the snow to my parents house today, and in honor of my favorite holiday I wanted to leave you with some delicious dessert.

Creme Brûlée is a favorite in my house around the holidays, so when Chobani asked me to come up with something delicious, I knew this would be perfect. A traditional creme brûlée is a delectable custard made from eggs and heavy cream. The mark of a good creme brûlée is the texture and consistency of the custard. I think that’s why I love greek yogurt so much, I love the thick, rich, texture.

Creme brûlée  is a lot easier than you would expect, and using Chobani greek yogurt makes it even easier. All that magic texture comes straight out of the cup.

I made two different versions.

Chocolate Peppermint
(Serves 4)

2c Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt
1/2tsp Peppermint Extract (I used 1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil)
1TBS Honey
2TBS Granulated Sugar
1c Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
Red Food Coloring if desired
Granulated Sugar as needed

1. Whisk Chobani Greek Yogurt, Peppermint, Honey, and Granulated Sugar together in a bowl.
2. Split mixture into two bowls.
3. In a microwave safe bowl start heating your chocolate chips in 30 second intervals.
4. Once melted add liquid chocolate to one half of your Chobani mix.
5. In your plain peppermint Chobani mix add a drop of red food coloring. ( It’s important to be festive!)
6. Spoon chocolate Chobani into ramekins, filling the dish about halfway.
7. Top the chocolate Chobani with pink/red Chobani filling to the top.
8. Let yogurt set up in the fridge for 30minutes.
9. Once the yogurt has set sprinkle more granulated sugar on top and caramelize with a kitchen torch or in your broiler.

I really do look for any reason to use my torch in the kitchen. Because hello, who doesn’t love a good torch?


Raspberry Vanilla Almond Creme Brûlée

2c Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt
3TBS Granulated Sugar
1T Vanilla Extract
1/4t Almond Extract
6-8 Fresh Raspberries + some for garnish
Granulated Sugar (as needed)

1. With a rubber spatula fold together Chobani, granulated sugar, vanilla, almond, and your fresh raspberries.
2. Spoon into ramekins.
3. Let Creme Brûlée set up in the fridge for 30minutes
4. Sprinkle Granulated Sugar over the top and caramelize with a kitchen torch.
5. Garnish with a few fresh berries.
6. High five yourself for making something so delicious in only 5 steps.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May your bellies be full and your kitchens smell delicious!
Jessica Nan
With 2015 right around the corner Chobani Greek Yogurt is an awesome cooking/baking substitute to up your protein and cut out a lot of fat. I really enjoyed expanding my healthy dessert recipe box. Do you have a favorite greek yogurt recipe? I would love for you to join me on the #madewithchobani project, link up and tag #madewithchobani !