We interrupt your regular programing…

to blog something!

So Christmas was the best. For the first time in five years I took a week off at Christmas. I’m pretty sure I slept for three days straight. What more do you want for Christmas? All of the family was together, and there was such a sweet spirit in our home. So much love. Chaos, but so much love. and naps. Did I mention naps?

Lets just call it how it is. I’m buying myself a boppy pillow for my birthday. Best sleeping pillow ever. 

So since I don’t have a husband I got to bunk up with Nash & Gray, which I didn’t mind one bit. In the middle of the night Gray Baby started moving and shaking, so I said nah nah nah. Scooped him in right close and snuggled all 35+ pounds of him. Is he not the sweetest? 

So much right in the world. 

Momsie got us the best shirts this year. JT is the best, he’s so tough and we were silly just like old times. Doesn’t matter how many hard things our family survived this year, we still laugh at the same jokes and smile just as big. The only thing that’s different are our hugs are tighter, and our words kinder. 

My sweet family surprised me on Christmas morning with a children’s story book for MY children about how their Mom became a pastry chef. It’s full of pictures and stories of dedication, hard work and bliss. I think in that moment I realized how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished.

Wearing the exhaustion of not sleeping for six weeks, unwashed hair, an oversized sweatshirt, and the tears of knowing it was/is completely worth it. 
Because on the last page of that book it proudly says that I was promoted to the Corporate Executive Pastry Chef of the entire company. (29+ stores.) 
Every heartache and minute of homesick was worth it, learning how to provide for myself was worth it, stretching my body and mind past limits I thought I had, was worth it. I think I always knew it would be, but for the people I love the most knew it was worth it too. They are proud, and so am I. 
So fast forward to January where I started my promotion. This year has already been a whirlwind, but I love it. I can’t believe how much I’m learning and how much I’m using my education, and just how many people depend on me. In January Kneaders launched a line of mini-bundt cakes. 
and guess who developed those recipes?
Every store I go into I check on my “babies”. I can’t believe that something I created is now being produced for the masses. This ad makes me tear up, I mean, how is this my life? I’m only 22 (23 on Saturday!) and things are so beautiful. I am so happy with these, with my job, with my life. Dreaming big has never been so fun! 
Oh, and I forgot to mention. My “babies” were on Studio 5 with Brooke Walker. I can’t wait for you all to try them. Some of my best work. 
and the best part is I get to wake up tomorrow and do it all again. 

Arizona Bliss (Part 1)

I got to announce that I got a promotion a couple months ago, something I knew had been in the works for awhile. Part of this promotion means I get to travel. Better yet, I got to go HOME. To ARIZONA.

I didn’t have to “miss work” to see my parents, or wrestle with my little brother. You know the things you get to do when you live close to family. (For the record I wouldn’t change anything about my life, because I love my job so much. Added perk.)

When I’m in Utah, my daily job is producing pastries for the Kneader’s in Orem. After that, I get to work on corporate pastry projects. Which is the most blissful part of my career. This is where I get to do recipe development, teach classes etc. The plan is to transition into more of that.

I have never had so much fun at work. I flew down to Arizona to train the Pastry Chefs opening the Kneader’s in Gilbert.

Since my hands are very sensitive i.e. allergic. I got to bring my own gloves down to Arizona. Some Corporate Trainers were already down in AZ, and asked me to bring down some things that were forgotten. 
It’s really hard to not look like a terrorist packing 1000 synthetic gloves, large electronic timers, and hot cocoa powder. Got there in one piece :). 

I really can’t express what a beautiful payoff this trip was.


I am only 22, after all.

The next morning started bright and early teaching these chefs. I love the artistry of being a pastry chef, but it was so fun to THINK about how to teach and show them. To analyze the size, shape, texture, of something as simple as a rosette on a chocolate mousse dome. It was so fun to pick apart details, to help them create something so beautiful. I am so blessed to be a part of something so great.

Thursday and Friday before the Grand Opening we had a Friends & Family Night and a VIP Night.

This was the first time the girls had filled the case. There are 42 different pastries that go in the case, I was really proud of them. The case looked great!


My parents and little sister were able to come down for VIP night. It was so fun to be able to share with them this whole experience.

This was right after I introduced Alyssa to a chocolate dome. Chocolate cake, Chocolate Mousse, Covered in Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Curls. Resulting in a Chocolate Coma.

Lyssa disappeared to “fix her hair” and well, I got the chance to be the not so far away big sister. I.e. in the bathroom to text. (But her hair did look really good 😉 )

I also invited The Peterson’s and The Call’s. The Calls are my Brother in Law’s parents, who I haven’t seen in much to long, they were so nice to come! The Peterson’s are my parent’s best friends from BYU. I’m really good friends with their older daughter Hilary (turns out we both ended up in the same place our parents met), but I don’t think I’ve seen them in three years? It was such a fun night to catch up with everyone! I am so blessed to be loved by so many!

Stay tuned for Part 2: Where we had people lining up for the Grand Opening at 5am!

Today her favorite color is Red.

Red is my Sultry color. Full of Confidence. In my mind there is absolutely NOTHING that can create confidence faster than a tight red dress, or Bright red nails. I’ve always been one to make an entrance. 

In Preparation for this Marathon. (1st of May in Ft. Collins, CO.) The first part of the training plan is : to get back into the pattern of working out consistently. Marathon Training starts January 2nd. In trying to get back into this pattern I’ve joined Curves, for the last month I’m here. It is SO much fun. It’s circuit training, but I love it. I control the tempo, and I’m still smiling when I’m done with the workout. 
I’m not a mover.. or a shaker. 
Let me rephrase that.
I was NOT a mover… or a shaker.
Curves changes that for me.. and I got Zumba. 
I have always let the fact that I’m tall, have no sense of rhythm, really awkward, and kinda well just not having the build of a dancer prevent me from doing what I’ve always wanted to be good at. So here’s to moving and shaking and enjoying your workout. 
Today. Be. Red. 
 Jessica nan