Valentine’s Day

So not going lie I thought it was a little odd when Scott asked if we could celebrate Valentine’s Day because we didn’t get a chance to on the 14th. Well.. uh, our first date was on the 13th our relationship wasn’t super deep on the 14th. But it was romantic and sweet and who am I to say no to an amazing date with my Scott. So I accepted and away we went.

After the front door struggle bus episode Scott made the executive decision to use the kitchen door. He knocked on the door and said our usual hellos, and after he told me I was beautiful he told me to wait right there with my eyes closed.

When I was allowed to open my eyes he was standing there with the biggest bouquet of peach roses. The prettiest arrangement I’ve ever seen. The roses were so BIG, and they were for me. It is so fun to be “woo-ed”. (Boy Meets World).

And then, because Scott always has a plan. (Which I love. ) He whisked me away to our dinner reservation. 
It was starting to rain a little bit, but that didn’t matter. I think it made it a little more romantic. Walking across the parking lot his hand in mine it felt like a scene from a movie, and like real life all at the same time. Mostly, it felt exactly how it should. One of those simple moments where the world is spinning around you but no one’s there but you. 
I think the waiter was getting a little annoyed that he had to keep interrupting our conversation to try and get us to order. We laughed  about my indecisive ordering, and sat next to each other instead of across from each other like one of those couples you want to make fun of. (One day I’ll blog about cliche phrases and situations I didn’t believe in and resented until they were happening for me.)
We’re both foodies, I love having someone to analyze food with, and someone who let’s me try their food too. (Thankfully we avoided”Joey doesn’t share food”) 
Flatbread with chicken, roasted red peppers, zuccchini, and goat cheese, and that was just to start. I had Prosciutto wrapped Pork and it was divine. He had a shrimp pasta dish with with a pomodoro/vodka sauce. We talked about our days and tried to figure out how to hold hands, continue to talk, and eat all at the same time. 
We went back to my house after dinner, stealing a kiss or two for dessert. 
When we first started talking he told me he would gladly slow dance with me in the kitchen. The kitchen is the most romantic place in the house for me. I say I love you with food, it only makes sense. I couldn’t get him off my mind that week I was in Arizona so I made a playlist on Spotify for slow dancing in the kitchen. 
We had taken our shoes off which made it that much better. I teased a little asking him when he was going to make good on his promise to dance with me. I turned on the playlist and Billy Elliot filled the kitchen and he pulled me in close. 
Neither one of us are good dancers. Awkward mostly. But we’re comfortable enough with each other it doesn’t matter. We can be silly and romantic and content together. After Billy, came some Norah Jones, and Michael Buble, and then.. My Funny Valentine came on by Chet Baker came on. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan you know that this is the song that Chief Webber and Adele danced to at their wedding. I love it, and Mr. Daly happened to know it pretty well too. 
and so while the rain tapped gently on the window in time to the music, Scott sang into my ear and we danced and I fell even harder for those blue eyes. 
When he told me he hadn’t seen Frozen yet, I immediately put it on our bucket list of movies. I love it so much and really wanted to watch it with him. So to end our evening he brought over his laptop and hooked it up to my tv. He had bought Frozen for us to enjoy together. 
It was a perfect night, I think we both said “I could get used to this..” countless times. This is happy. 
So we say goodnight in the kitchen and I open the door to let him out and its raining, and I just couldn’t help it. I grabbed his hand and took off running, jumping in the puddles as we went. 
and then in the middle of the street I stopped running,
 and we kissed 
…. the ballerina skirt was a really, really good move. 

Darling, you give LOVE a bad name.

February really is the best month isn’t it? I love celebrating love, no matter what capacity.

I really love snail mail too, who doesn’t want to get a package in the mail?

I’ve only been working eight hours a day since January, and well, what do you do with all this TIME?! Sixteen hours of possible activities, this is nuts.

and well, it started here

 I love the silliness of sending third grade Valentine’s. Don’t even pretend you wouldn’t wear that bulldog tattoo with pride. 

and then I put some long distance Valentine’s together
I have the most adorable love bug nephews down in the heart of Texas, and well they’re really good at that whole boy/mischief/adventure thing. So duckies for them, and some serious chocolate for their parents. I found the too HOT to handle oven mitt at Target, it had pink pancake mix inside. Where can you go wrong? 

I sent similar fun-ness to Denver, Mom and Dad’s favorite candy, and a treat for my Lillie girl. I forgot to take pictures, so these are courtesy of Texas. 

did I mention I was in love with the awkward tattoos? 
Aunt Jess Rocks. 
On Monday I went to a church activity. We were making Valentine’s and well.. my roommate who was in charge said glitter was involved. So post #ihatemonday meltdown, I rallied and put on pants. I am a big believer in NPNT (no pants nap time, but that’s another blog)
These were legit Valentine’s you guys, like construction paper and paste Valentines. My friends Tom and Spencer were just as excited as I was.  

 Told you glitter was involved.

I was all sorts of excited over the glitter when I looked over and Tom WOVE a Valentine, with attached handle. Next level Valentine maneuver, and then Spencer asked for the “nail polish”, I passed him the glitter glue, he put it all over his lips and planted a big one(or two) on this awesome Valentine for his Mom. 

Clearly, I needed to step my Valentine game up.. which was when Todd handed me a heart with an expertly placed sticker. Immediately I grabbed the glitter and Bon Jovi started singing.

Shot through the HEART, and you’re to blame! Darling, you give LOVE a bad name.. 

A Different Kind of Valentine

I love Valentine’s Day, I love having a holiday to celebrate love. Why shouldn’t we celebrate it? I’m a love baby and regardless of having a Valentine, it’s one of my favorite times of the year. If you remember my silly New Year’s Resolutions theres a lot more to getting out of the comfort zone than turning off my humidifier.

Going on a blind date was a hint at my new adventure…

I haven’t really blogged about relationships since I started this blog for two reasons.

1. It’s really hard to write about a relationship without it going wrong
2. There really haven’t been very many significant relationships to write about.

Since I was four years old I wanted to be a wife and mother. In fact, for my fourth birthday party we washed dishes and painted our nails like Mommys do. It became an all consuming frustration after high school and through college. I am so grateful I didn’t get married right out of high school, I had no idea who I was then, nor did I love myself. If you don’t love yourself, how could you possibly let someone love you? Well, we’ve made it through some very big emotional hurdles. I’m so grateful for these years where I learned about myself, and well… it’s time to put myself out there.

So I am, in fact. I may or may not have signed up for ….

online dating.

This is totally happening, and I couldn’t be having more fun. There’s a lot to say, and so I thought I would tell you myself.