LDS Temple Clearance Process

**This post is not endorsed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, these are the thoughts and opinions of Scott regarding our experience in obtaining a Temple Clearance form to be sealed. **

I wanted to share the process that Jess and I went through to obtain a Temple Clearance form in the LDS Church for all those out there on the internet that may be beginning this process or already in it. When Jess and I knew we wanted to get married, I got online and started searching for how one goes about being sealed to someone in the temple after having been sealed before. I read several people’s accounts of what it took and the process. I will admit, some accounts scared me that perhaps things won’t work out or it may take forever. But I want to provide my reassurance and my experience.
I went to my Bishop first, as you should too. My Bishop had literally just been sustained to be the new bishop of our ward the week before, so this was a learning experience for both of us. I told him what I had read online and he said he would do research in the Church Handbook. The following Sunday, my Bishop had the paperwork that the stake had printed off for him. It’s a fairly simple form with some instructions for the applicant, your Bishop, and then Stake President. My Bishop sat down with me and we filled it out together, simple information stuff such as my name and address. It’ll ask for your former spouse’s name and address. Then also information for the person to whom you are engaged to. 
I had read online that women can only request a sealing cancellation if they are engaged to someone. This later made sense to me when I saw that you needed to fill out the section about the person to whom you are engaged to. I guess I don’t see a way around that. Anyway…
On the forms there are a few to-do items. My Bishop needed to call Jess’ Bishop in regards to her worthiness. Then my Bishop needed to send a letter to my former spouse asking for her feelings on this application and comments on any financial obligations related to the divorce.
The next part was the painful part. My Bishop mailed a letter to my former spouse 31 March. Two weeks went by and no word from her yet. It says in the instructions that if a response is not received a phone call may be attempted in placement of the letter. My Bishop called her and she was not very happy about the application and was slightly confused as to how the process worked. I do not blame her at all for not understanding because I didn’t at first. But she was pretty adamant about having our sealing cancelled first then allow me to get sealed to Jess. My Bishop and hopefully her Bishop explained to her that the process doesn’t proceed like that. But we gave her some time to write the letter and another two weeks passed and we called her again. She said she was working with her Bishop in writing her response. Obviously, Jess and I were quite frustrated at this point that she was taking so long and she was in control of putting our wedding on hold.
After another week and half she finally mailed it and we received it 13 May. This was by far the most painful and frustrating part. But looking back to this whole process, we were glad that we at least got it and were able to move forward. I was so nervous that she would only write awful things and the First Presidency of the Church would not grant us approval to be married, and sure enough, the letter she wrote was filled with nothing but hatred and horrible things. I’m not here to defend myself but, imagine you are my Bishop, brand new and he really doesn’t know much about me. He had read her letter and was quite surprised. But he said he had read it again and had impressions in his mind that convinced him that all was well and to proceed forward. 
Whatever happened through your divorce, I can tell you that even though her letter was awful, I prayed for the gift of discernment for my Priesthood leaders. Here was my Bishop with my story and her letter and he felt that all was well and sent the paperwork onto the Stake President by simply putting it in his box in the stake offices.
The very next day I met with the Stake President and he simply just wanted to make sure we had all the needed information. He met Jess and we had a lovely conversation. We left and he wrote his letter later that night and he mailed it to Salt Lake the very next morning. From the day that he mailed it to the day that the First Presidency’s response was in my mailbox and in my hands it took a grand total of 19 days. And now I just need to bring their letter to the temple with me on the day of mine and Jess’ sealing and we’re set. Overall, it took about 2.5 months from start to finish for this whole process for us. I’m sure it’s different depending on the situation.
To clarify, this was for obtaining a Temple Clearance form which is for men only. The Temple Cancellation form is the exact same piece of paper but you check a different box indicating a cancellation instead of a clearance. I have heard that cancellations can take much longer for the First Presidency to review because they are determining a daughter of God’s saving ordinance. 
Probably some details you didn’t care about are in here, but I just want to reassure the soul who is reading this and going through a similar process to have faith and to pray and Heavenly Father will see to it that you’ll be happy, no matter how painful or frustrating it is. 

Stand by your Man, and the real reason the "Big Day" isn’t set in stone. {Engaged part 5}

One of the biggest reasons I think Scott and I fell so hard and so fast for each other is because we’re both pretty blunt communicators. It’s very easy for us to talk to each other and be on the same page and the same team. We both knew exactly what we wanted and neither one of us had any intention of playing games with the other one’s heart. With that special gift we were both able to be completely honest about what got us to that point and how that changed our outlook on qualities we wanted our spouse to have.

Honesty & Communication are such simple things, I never thought I would be so grateful for them.

Before I even heard Scott’s voice, and before he even asked for my number, he told me that he was divorced. I think the word divorce can have some ugly words associated with it, words I know you know and words that I don’t think really need to be written here.


Because of ‘divorce’ I get to be with my sweetheart for eternity.

My sweetheart is none of those ugly words, and I have the same amount of reservations saying that today, as I did on the first day we talked about it.

That number is zero.

In the beginning of our relationship Scott offered to tell me anything I wanted to know about the divorce. I protected myself (my competitive drive self) and chose not to ask questions. If this was really going to go somewhere wouldn’t it be better not to know anything about her? I didn’t (and don’t) want our relationship to be about her or “the divorce.” What would be the point? What would be the significance of those details? I wanted to answer that question for myself before I opened that box. Before we even met we decided that from the beginning the only members of this relationship were Scott, Jess, and God.

I will say however that what stuck out to me during this, was the fact that Scott spoke not ONE negative word about her, and she wasn’t brought up ever really, we didn’t talk about her until we had to.

My heart decided that the only question I needed an answer to was this. “Are you still in love with her?”

The second he said “No.”  I had an overwhelming feeling of calm and knew that I needed nothing more than that.  

 And whether he knew it or not, during those dark days of heartache he was fighting for me, and for our family, for our marriage, for our sealing, and for our eternity.

 And whether I knew it or not, during those dark days of heartache I was fighting for him, and for our family, for our marriage, for our sealing, and for our eternity.

and while there are so many more blissful days in our life now, we’re still fighting for each other, for our family, for our marriage, for our sealing, and for our eternity.

She and Scott were sealed in the temple when they were married, and while they are legally divorced, the church will not cancel/break their sealing unless she remarries someone in the temple. We believe that being sealed in the temple to your spouse is a “saving ordinance”, and without sufficient reason, the church wouldn’t take that away from her, which I completely respect.

Men however are allowed to be sealed to more than one woman, which means that Scott and I can be sealed for eternity, but in order for that to happen we have to get a document from the First Presidency of our church giving Scott temple clearance.

I am aware that on a black and white level it looks like an underground polygamist operation. I know that that isn’t the case, but I don’t know how to explain that on a black and white level other than it took me some time to wrap my head around the fact that she will continue to be sealed to Scott until she remarries. What if she doesn’t remarry? Hard, hard questions that I spent a lot of time discussing with my Heavenly Father.

Bottom line is, God does NOT want us to be miserable, and while we might not be able to understand how the pieces fit on a black and white level, I am confident that we will have a perfect colorful  understanding in the eternities.

So what does that mean for me and Scott? It means that it has been a really hard two months collecting the appropriate letters and signatures to complete the temple clearance packet. It was sent to The First Presidency a week ago tomorrow! We couldn’t be more grateful to be in this stage of the game.  We are hoping to hear back in the next couple of weeks. So if you have some extra room in your prayers for us, we would be very grateful.

That temple marriage (sealing) is so very important to us, we will continue to work hard, do what we’re supposed to do, and fight hand-in-hand for it. As soon as we get the clearance we will be able to book the Mt. Timpanogos temple for August 8th, 2014 (shhh!) and finally start planning details to the best day of our lives.

Besides, if we have to wait longer than planned, it will give me an excuse to wear the best wedding related sweatshirt ever designed. Scott liked it, so he put a ring on it.

Knock one out of the park. The one in which Scott puts a ring on it. {Engaged part 4}

I am one of those girls who makes fun of those girls who get engaged  married, and fall off the face of the Earth. I mean, Prince Charming just walks in and then boom. You don’t have time to blog anymore? It’s all true, I just want to spend all my time with Scott, so much so that I’ve been so distracted with him, I seem to have neglected to write the most important part of the engagement! Good grief, figure it out.

So where were we?

Scott passed the Poppa Bear meet & greet, and my heartbeat finally stabilized. Everything (well almost) was allowed to happen now. We actually had the go ahead to get engaged, and you know what comes after that? I get to be Mrs. Daly. So yeah, that was a pretty incredible feeling to be holding Mr. Daly’s hand pulling out of my Dad’s parking lot.

Scott is a bit of a tease, and the sassiest boy I know. That’s why I picked him. I’m pretty sassy don’tcha know.

We had ANOTHER TWO FREAKING HOURS IN THE CAR to get to the Diamondbacks game in Phoenix.

Which, Scott spent asking me questions about what we were going to do TOMORROW, as if he was feeling out the situation to make a plan to propose.

I gave him 9 different scenarios. No joke, I counted. Nine different scenarios for a small town is a lot of options. Every single time he responded with a smile and “Oh, that sounds good!”

What a punk.

Little did I know that he had much bigger surprises in store for me. We cuddled, and yelled at the umps, and ate hot dogs for dinner. (Scott later told me two dreams came true that night, he had a chili cheese dog at the ball park, and I said yes.)

So maybe the amazing seats probably could have been a tip off, but it’s always this amazing when Scott’s in charge of the plan, so why question it?

We stood up and sang take me out to the ball game during the 7th inning stretch, I got lost in his blue eyes a time or two and couldn’t stop smiling at the way the corners of his eyes get crinkly when he looks at me.

Matching was unintentional, but I love it even more. 

And then the game was over, it was time to drive back to Flagstaff and get excited for tomorrow. The day I thought he was going to propose. We sat in the row for a minute until everyone around us cleared out, and we were holding hands and I started to walk out of the row.

Scott wasn’t as close to me as he usually is, and then he pulled on my hand to turn me around.

and as I turned to face him, he was dropping down onto one knee to ask me the most important question of my life, with the prettiest ring I have ever seen.

He completely surprised me, and I was so caught off guard, and excited I kept saying yes and started kissing him before he could hardly get the ring on my finger.

It was pretty magical, everyone around us started clapping and then we held hands and ran for the car so we could start calling everyone.

My whole heart, will be yours forever. This is a beautiful start to a lifelong love letter. 
Let’s tell the world that we finally got it all right.. I choose you. 

Big fan, is a ridiculous understatement. My wedding band is a skinny, gold, diamond band. On Saturday when I got to be with my Mom and Grammy I realized that all of us have round solitaires on gold bands, and I fell in love even more. Tradition is so beautiful. 
So if you asked Scott right now what he has in his pockets he would pull his keys out of his left pocket and his phone from his right pocket, and his wallet from his back left pocket. We usually hold hands and rest our hands on his leg. It’s not like he could hide a huge ring box from me. 
Remember when I fell in love with those red shoes before I even met him? I love those red shoes. 
He hid that box in his sock for 9+ hours, but it’s better when he tells it. 
When we first arrived in Flagstaff to Jess’ family’s home, I took the first opportunity I had to sneak the ring box from my suitcase and stuff it into my sock. That was at about 1pm. Then we had lunch with her family and I had the discussion with her father. I had been planning on proposing to Jess for quite some time, meaning like a month haha.

Originally, I was planing this trip back around Christmas time to go alone and treat myself to a Diamondbacks game for my mini spring break. Then I met Jess and I offered to her to tag along for my mini spring break road trip. Then our relationship escalated and we thought that I should probably talk to her dad on this trip. 

As we left Flagstaff and started driving down to Phoenix for the ballgame. My plan was to try to make her think I was going to propose the next day in order to try to issue as much surprise I could for the evening at the game. Hence, I kept asking about plans for the next to get her off the trail. 

Then we were at the game and I was ready to do this. I knew the location, the time, and person were right. When the game was over, I waited for the people in our row to leave and then Jess started leaving but, as she turned around I quickly bent over to get the ringbox out of my sock, then I pulled her back and as she turned back around I knelt down to ask her the question. I knew I had surprised her because as I knelt down I saw the biggest smile I have ever seen on her face. Her face absolutely lit up. She said yes and it took a minute to finally put the ring on. I heard one person around say “that’s awesome!” 

It was all so perfect.

And from the beginning I knew Scott was different. I remember tell a good friend after our first date that I felt like I had just gone on a date with my husband. From the beginning we fit perfectly.

I called my Mom to tell her I was going down two weeks after we started dating. Eating every single one of my defiant words to her the week before where I claimed that I WAS NOT exactly like my sisters. I guess I will continue the tradition of McGuire girls who fall hard and fast.

but hey, when you know, you know. Right?

I know.

It just felt real, the basic day to day things.

It felt real, that I was going to marry this boy when he kissed me in the parking lot after my Dad said yes.

It felt real when he opened my door to walk me into the baseball game.

It felt real when he kissed the back of my neck and it gave me goosebumps.

It felt real when his hand fit so perfectly with mine.

It felt real the night we played cards in the teepee and he promised me the world.

It felt real standing there in the ball park when my life became the best romantic comedy the world has ever seen.

It felt real when I said yes.

Scott talks to Poppa Bear, Jess makes Milkshakes. {Engaged part 3}

Okay, so it’s not like I didn’t know this conversation was coming. That was kinda the point of the trip. Right? Right.

We had plenty of time to talk in the car on the way to Flagstaff, and we knew that there was going to be a two hour window at my parents house before we would have to leave for the baseball game in Phoenix that night.

I figured Scott could just talk to my Poppa while he was home for lunch, and then I found myself with the whole family out to lunch with the worst possible conversations happening over the table. Rick and Alyssa were texting under the table to each other because me and Poppa Bear had launched into a conversation that definitely could have been discussed later.

So then we were walking to the cars, and Scott asks me if he should ask him. Uhm, yes? I don’t know, right here in the parking lot??

So he walks right up to Poppa Bear and says, “If it’s possible I would really like to talk to you before we go to the game.”

“Okay, if you want to come down to my office, I’ll make myself available.”


COMEEEEEE ONNNNNNNNN.. That’s not even fair. Poppa Bear has a three foot SWORD hanging on his wall. I mean, I know I’m his favorite, but I started to freak out. Scott sucked air pretty quick too getting into the back of my Mom’s truck, which, for my calm, rational, level headed man, I’m pretty sure was a sign of nerves.

So away we went back home because we drove with my mom, and I was legit starting to panic.

We got back to the house and Scott was in his room grabbing the tickets and I went into the kitchen to talk to Momsie. Who told me Scott needed to go in there alone.


He’s been in Flagstaff maybe an hour?

Scott was worried we might hit traffic if he had to come back to the house to get me, and so we decided Momsie would bring me to the office 15 minutes after Scott left.

I put the office address in his phone and he was out the door before I could even tell him it was a white office building.

By the time I pulled it together to text him, he responded with a “Here.”

Clearly he’s an adult.

So there was nothing to do but conference call all the sisters, and make Scott a double-double Blue Bell Milkshake.

It’s reallllllllly fun to be a McGuire girl, it’s even more fun to share exciting life changing moments with my sisters.

Thank you to Alyssa for taking pictures and fielding the social media on this one. 🙂 
It had been 35 minutes and THEY STILL WEREN’T OUT. Leaving plenty of time for speculation in the parking lot. What could they possibly be talking about?! Scott is really blunt, and Poppa Bear is a man of few words. They were not braiding each other’s hair and talking about American Idol. Good grief. 
**Meanwhile at the office**
I was ready for this so I bolted out the door and headed to Pernell’s office. I walked in and he asked me to shut the door as he sat behind his behemoth of a desk. We had a very simple conversation, very similar to one I would have if a boy wanted to marry my daughter. He simply asked me to take care of Jess and to honor my Priesthood. We were done in about 15 minutes and it looked like Jess hadn’t showed up yet with her Mom so I sat in the lobby and waited for them. The funny part is that I was staring out that lobby window pretty intently looking for them. Apparently, I was just looking out the wrong side of the parking lot I guess. I eventually thought to myself I’ll step outside to organize things in my truck but, as I stepped out, that’s when I saw them sitting her Mom’s truck waiting. So I quickly turned around and went back inside to grab Pernell because he wanted to come out and say hi.
So then Scott FINAAAAAALLLLLY poked his head out the first set of doors and saw me, and turned right back around and headed back into the office. 
Dad broke the silence by saying, “Well you didn’t tell me Scott was going to ask me for a job..” 
Ha ha .. wait what? Okay it’s a joke, we’re good. 
“I told him it was okay, that was what you wanted right?”
Yes, yes it was. 
Turns out Poppa Bear wanted to come out and say congratulations before we went to the baseball game. The women in my family marry calm, rational, level headed men. 

I sure do love my Dad, I am so grateful for my relationship with him. I think we get along so well because we are very much the same person. Although I knew that this trip was going to include an engagement, I was determined that this conversation happened before anything was planned for a wedding. It was really important to me that he got this conversation. I really, really hit the lottery with him. My Dad is the best. 
Someone caught Shirley taking Selfies of important things again 🙂 

Temple, Vegas, it’s like there’s a theme here Mr. Daly {Engaged part 2. }

And then Wednesday came,  worked in the morning and the tired, sick clouds parted long enough to shave my legs and have a top 10 hair day before Scott came to pick me up. Bless everything. 

Scott’s version of vacation and road trip snacks are mostly Hostess, and Hostess byproducts. Whatever makes him happy 🙂 

So the plan was St. George, Vegas, Flagstaff, Phoenix, Flagstaff, St. George, Home! 
I think this is one of my favorite pictures of us 🙂 

 We stayed with his parents Wednesday night in St. George, and spent Thursday morning touring in St. George. This is the temple my parents got married in!

I have a collection of Scott photobombing pictures, this is one of his best. 

Blue, blue sky. 

So fun to get to spend the morning with Fred and Gayle. 

and then Mr. Daly whisked me off to go play in Vegas. 

Like I said.. 

The Bellagio
And then we watched the water show. 
When we were driving into Vegas I spotted the Bluebell Ice Cream truck, which is the most majestical tasting ice cream ever. Scott didn’t seem to think that it was a good idea for me to try and jump onto the back of it, so I told him that all I wanted out of Vegas was a bowl of Blue Bell Ice cream. 
We went and had some amazing Thai food with Scott’s sister Shannon and her husband Brian. And went back to their house to visit, when Shannon announced that there were three gallons of bluebell in the freezer I got so excited I swatted Scott. Amazing. 
And then Friday morning we drove to Flagstaff… where I knew a very important conversation was going to happen between Scott and Poppa Bear. 
Stay tuned for Part 3. 🙂 

Okay, but when can I kiss him? {Engaged part 1}

We had talked about Scott talking to Poppa Bear before March Madness, but my dear rational Mr. Daly thought it would be good to meet the family first. Which I agreed made more sense. Plus during March Madness weekend I got to talk to my parents, just me and them and have a wonderful discussion on marriage, and tell them that Scott is THE one.

and then I spent a month on my sick bed. With plenty of time to have a meltdown about whether or not I could actually kiss my Scott when we got engaged.

I mean SERIOUSLY ?! He’s going to ask me to spend eternity with him and all I’m going to be able to do is High Five him?

So there was a cry for help.. We were a WEEK away from our trip, a girls gotta take matters into her own hands sometimes.  Heaven bless doctors who don’t think you’re ridiculous for texting them silly grade school girl questions like, “When can I kiss my boyfriend?”

Which led to this. 

That last gif really is a winner. 
Now all I needed to do was find some energy to pack. .. But I used up all my energy laying on the floor and using a cheap app to censor  edit the picture. Thankfully Hannah saved the day and helped me pick out outfits and tackle the laundry monster. 

oh. and we bought a boat.

Scott is the best.

Really though, he’s very calculated and rational, but he let’s my crazy run wild. In fact he usually grabs my hand and chases the crazy right next to me.

So when I thought I was just getting over a stomach bug, pushing through and declaring “I’m not sick anymore and neither are you. ” Seemed reasonable. I had been down for 48hours, and well there is life to be lived. It was Friday night and we were going to go out.

“Hey Babe, wanna go buy a canoe and go on an aquatic adventure?”

10 minutes later a very good looking Mr. Daly was knocking on my door ready to play.

The adventure started out with my very rational idea that we could find a canoe at D.I.

They were out. Rats.

Not to be deterred, I decided Target would have a canoe.

They didn’t.

But they did have floaties shaped like tropical animals.

So we bought a toucan and a monkey, you know, safety first.

Somewhere in aisle 17 as I was frolicking debating what I really wanted to happen.  Scott asked me what the actual goal was.

An Aquatic Adventure Dear!

yes, but what does that mean?

Well, a boat of some sort and a body of water.

So we went to Cabelas.

They had boats lined up out the door just waiting for us, and I’m sure the salesguy saw us a mile away.

By this point we had caught a case of the sillies, and as we held hands in the store’s display paddleboat a decision was made.

Okay, so the salesguy said that they were really romantic, but still. Who DOESN’T want a four seater paddleboat with a biminy boat top and adjustable seat backs? It even has a cooler! Just in case we’re out paddling and need a cold beverage to quench our thirst. Really it’s better than Cinderella’s carriage.

Five minutes later we were trying to jam our new boat into the bed of Scott’s truck. We may have slightly underestimated the size of the boat, but we got it in the back, and Scott pulled out clip on emergency flashers from his emergency kit.


Is there anything more attractive than preparedness?

So off we went with our emergency flashers chasing the sun.

We had made this huge effort to go on an aquatic adventure, so the boat was getting in the water. Dark or not.  Thanks to google maps I found a body of water. Which will be left nameless to protect the innocent.

And then Scott found a road, which actually wasn’t a road, more of a very wide, well paved bike path, but the water was visible from the top of the hill so it was a good idea.  So we may have followed a biker for  like a mile until we put together that we weren’t supposed to be there. There may or may not have been a locked gate saying that that was a No-No.  Like a champ, Scott flipped a U-ie on the bike path with zero visibility.

We found our little patch of heaven just as the sun was going down, and launched our girl on her maiden voyage. Which we have lovingly named Yeah Buoy!

We did a victory lap in the dark, and it was perfect.

Aquatic Adventure = Success.

Extended Footage of Yeah Buoy!’s maiden voyage.

If you listen real close at 1:05, we realized we probably should have unwrapped the plastic wrap “protecting” the pedals from rotating.

Leveled. Humbled. Grateful.

It finally caught up to me. I love the exhaustion that comes from working hard, but sometimes, sometimes your body gets tired of being that tired. Whether you’re happy or not.

My body went into full revolt.

About ten days ago I woke up in the middle of the night with what I thought was a stomach bug, and stopped throwing up long enough to get dressed for work, telling myself I could get through a five hour training. But in the culinary industry we can’t play around with things like that, no matter how tough you are. So fifteen minutes after I started working I found myself driving right back home picking up several cases of gatorade on the way home. I don’t even remember the last time I was sick!

Two days later I was allowed to go back to work, due to national safety regulations I have to wait 24hrs after I stopped throwing up before I could get back to the kitchen.

Friday night rolls around and I had had enough of being sick (two days, little did I know.) So I called my sweet Scott and asked him if we could go on an aquatic adventure. Which deserves a blog all its own.

Saturday night I was hurting. The lymph nodes in my face and neck were swelling, especially at the base of my skull and on my head. Since the double concussion any extra pressure on my head is bad news bears. Blurred vision, nausea, not good. So not realizing how bad of shape I was in, I figured I just had a really bad tension headache and my massage therapist could work it out for me. Bless her sweet heart I called her begging her to come immediately, thankfully she didn’t mind one bit and came and worked the tension and swelling out of my head and neck and worked on breaking my fever with essential oils.

Probably the best I felt in three days.

Then I get a text from Scott saying he went to the Dr. and turns out he has strep. So there was no more playing for him, and Sunday I rested all day long. Until my throat started to hurt really bad and I decided I wasn’t playing around with strep. After a little party at instacare with a very mean Dr. who told me I didn’t have strep, but I did have mono, there was a meltdown. He told me the worst part hadn’t even hit me yet and that I needed to rest for three weeks.

THREE WEEKS?! I’m going to feel yucky for THREE WEEKS?!

and because my strep test was negative he couldn’t give me antibiotics for three days, otherwise I might get a magic measles looking rash on top of all this fun stuff.

So I stomped my foot repeatedly in Smith’s. No one, not even my body gets to tell me to slow down.

****eats all my words****

Sad, sad girl.

but then it continued to escalate.

I was swelling so bad I couldn’t get any fluids in me. Gatorade, Water, my Super V8, nothing. I was scared and miserable.

Enter my Angel friend Kristina, she knew I was sick and came to check on me and knew I needed to go back to the Dr. But not the mean Dr. A Dr. who would listen to me and actually help the situation.

She got me packed up into the car and drove me to her Dr. who took one look at me and said that we needed a different plan than just resting. My organs had started to swell at this point and that was freaking me out. My body was in complete revolt/shut down. So so so dehydrated.

So they hooked me up to an IV in a dark room right there in their office so I wouldn’t have to go to the hospital. Lots of fluids and stuff for nausea, Kristina rubbed my feet and I calmed down a little bit. They were able to give me steroids for swelling and did a second strep test.

The steroids went to work on the lymph nodes and they went down in size considerably. Who knew you had so many? Visually could see a little “string of pearls” in my neck and shoulders. Gross. I went home to rest for another day and woke up in the middle of the night in a panic. It was insanely hard to breathe.

If I was laying down then I would get congested, but if I sat up I couldn’t fill my lungs all the way and felt lots of sharp stabbing pains in my lungs. Apparently my spleen and liver have been swelling and were interfering with my breathing capabilities. Mono is a blood disease and your spleen filters your blood, who knew.

So I told Kristina who had so graciously come to tend me at 2am, that I thought I could tough out breathing until we could see the new Dr. who had been so helpful. (Breathing is not something to tough out. ) But I made it, and the Dr. decided he wanted to do bloodwork and an ultrasound on my spleen, liver, and aorta.

Scott and I made some really funny jokes in the Dr’s office, I should probably leave it at that, but for the record we’re really funny. Man I was grateful to have his hand to hold. I don’t like being sick.

Survived the bloodwork and ultrasounds, found out that my spleen was 4cm larger than it should be, and my liver was swelling. Oh and that I did have strep. Partyyyyyyyyyy.

Scott left me with Kristina to go pick up doTERRA for me, and to catch his class, Kristina got me tucked in, and passed the torch to Madi who picked up my new prescriptions and dinner for me. Then we watched Blank Check from the 90’s and it was glorious. Then Madi passed the torch to Scott and Hannah.

Nurse Hannah set all the prescription and Tylenol/Motrin reminders in my phone and monitored my breathing.

Heather picked up food for me and helped me move from upstairs to downstairs.

Dustin fixed a leaky toilet and didn’t mind that I couldn’t get off the couch to thank him.

Work told me to focus on resting and I got to rest for a week.

Gayle and Fred sent me the sweetest package with the prettiest scarf to cheer me up.

Kristina took me to get a pedicure and cucumber, lemon, mint juice.

Emery was my hands at work and I got to help quarterback a recipe from home.

Hannah brought me coloring books after I threw a tantrum that I was never going to get better.

My Mom got me the best multivitamins and answered her phone whenever I called.

Lindsay & Kristin put up with my many skype calls because I was bored and sad.

Scott was nice to me after I asked him if we could name one of our kids TangEly Frozenly.

Scott was nice to me after I asked him if we could at least name our doggie Spleenie.

Both are in the talking pile.. Mono makes you a little crazy.

My hometeachers came over and gave me a blessing.

Kelsi made me some divine chicken noodle soup and brought Mango Sorbet.

Lauren put up with a ridiculously silly phone call in the middle of the night.

I know that I can’t run as hard as I have in the past, and as scary as this week has been, and I know my body will continue to take it’s time to recover, I am so grateful for all my Angels who came and took care of me these past two weeks. I am not an easy patient, I stomp my foot frequently. But with all this time I’ve had to rest, I have learned that it’s okay to ask for help, and it was okay to let people take care of me. It was very humbling for me to be on the other side of the service. I ask myself frequently how can I give more, and this is one of the first times I realized that I can’t. I can’t give more, and that these people love me enough to take care of me. I don’t know what I would have done this week without so many prayers and angels to put me back together. I have so many wonderful people in my life. This is why we’re here y’know, to take care of each other.

It certainly takes a village.

I love my village.

and thankfully my organs have started shrinking back to their original size. and I can breathe a little bit easier. And I get to go back to work tomorrow. So many things to be grateful for. 

Online Dating and Vulnerability

It’s nuts that I met Scott online, and that it worked. I mean, he could have been a serial killer or a crusty Chester Molester type. Instead I got exactly what I wanted. I think online dating has a stigma, that you’re desperate or insecure if you’re online. And I will be the first to tell you it’s true ….sometimes. 
It might take a bad date, or getting your heart broken, or your best friend getting married. To have that moment of “well, why not me?” “Why can’t it be my turn?” 
**insert Ariel and the sea creatures breaking into song. “When’s it my tuuuuuurn?” 
So here’s the thing, if you’re going to be vulnerable and put it out there that this is who you are and that you’re looking for love, you’re in control. 
1. You don’t have to say yes to everyone that “flirts” with you. You get to be picky. 
2. Be honest with your profile. Do not Paul Blart beef up your profile.( unless you have a legit Segway dance routine to a lost 80’s hit)
3. Be safe. I took pepper spray on our first date and used Find my Friends so someone could track me in case I got in trouble. Doesn’t make you silly, it makes you smart.
4. Pick someone you wouldn’t think you’re compatible with. Scott and I have a lot of different interests, but that makes our relationship fun. We both have a lot to bring to the table. 
5. Trust yourself, froyo or cupcakes is an acceptable first date. If you aren’t convinced it feels right after 30 mins who’s to say you shouldn’t call it a night?
6. Do not write anyone if you’re upset or tired. No one likes the sleazy emotional girl. I take that back, a lot of people like that girl, but you don’t want to be that girl. 
7. Respond! Hey what’s up, doesn’t exactly start a conversation. Write a lot and write frequently.
I consider myself a 21st Century Kathleen Kelly. 
What is NY152 going to say today I wonder?
It doesn’t matter where you meet your love, as long as you meet them. Right?
This I know. 

Valentine’s Day

So not going lie I thought it was a little odd when Scott asked if we could celebrate Valentine’s Day because we didn’t get a chance to on the 14th. Well.. uh, our first date was on the 13th our relationship wasn’t super deep on the 14th. But it was romantic and sweet and who am I to say no to an amazing date with my Scott. So I accepted and away we went.

After the front door struggle bus episode Scott made the executive decision to use the kitchen door. He knocked on the door and said our usual hellos, and after he told me I was beautiful he told me to wait right there with my eyes closed.

When I was allowed to open my eyes he was standing there with the biggest bouquet of peach roses. The prettiest arrangement I’ve ever seen. The roses were so BIG, and they were for me. It is so fun to be “woo-ed”. (Boy Meets World).

And then, because Scott always has a plan. (Which I love. ) He whisked me away to our dinner reservation. 
It was starting to rain a little bit, but that didn’t matter. I think it made it a little more romantic. Walking across the parking lot his hand in mine it felt like a scene from a movie, and like real life all at the same time. Mostly, it felt exactly how it should. One of those simple moments where the world is spinning around you but no one’s there but you. 
I think the waiter was getting a little annoyed that he had to keep interrupting our conversation to try and get us to order. We laughed  about my indecisive ordering, and sat next to each other instead of across from each other like one of those couples you want to make fun of. (One day I’ll blog about cliche phrases and situations I didn’t believe in and resented until they were happening for me.)
We’re both foodies, I love having someone to analyze food with, and someone who let’s me try their food too. (Thankfully we avoided”Joey doesn’t share food”) 
Flatbread with chicken, roasted red peppers, zuccchini, and goat cheese, and that was just to start. I had Prosciutto wrapped Pork and it was divine. He had a shrimp pasta dish with with a pomodoro/vodka sauce. We talked about our days and tried to figure out how to hold hands, continue to talk, and eat all at the same time. 
We went back to my house after dinner, stealing a kiss or two for dessert. 
When we first started talking he told me he would gladly slow dance with me in the kitchen. The kitchen is the most romantic place in the house for me. I say I love you with food, it only makes sense. I couldn’t get him off my mind that week I was in Arizona so I made a playlist on Spotify for slow dancing in the kitchen. 
We had taken our shoes off which made it that much better. I teased a little asking him when he was going to make good on his promise to dance with me. I turned on the playlist and Billy Elliot filled the kitchen and he pulled me in close. 
Neither one of us are good dancers. Awkward mostly. But we’re comfortable enough with each other it doesn’t matter. We can be silly and romantic and content together. After Billy, came some Norah Jones, and Michael Buble, and then.. My Funny Valentine came on by Chet Baker came on. If you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan you know that this is the song that Chief Webber and Adele danced to at their wedding. I love it, and Mr. Daly happened to know it pretty well too. 
and so while the rain tapped gently on the window in time to the music, Scott sang into my ear and we danced and I fell even harder for those blue eyes. 
When he told me he hadn’t seen Frozen yet, I immediately put it on our bucket list of movies. I love it so much and really wanted to watch it with him. So to end our evening he brought over his laptop and hooked it up to my tv. He had bought Frozen for us to enjoy together. 
It was a perfect night, I think we both said “I could get used to this..” countless times. This is happy. 
So we say goodnight in the kitchen and I open the door to let him out and its raining, and I just couldn’t help it. I grabbed his hand and took off running, jumping in the puddles as we went. 
and then in the middle of the street I stopped running,
 and we kissed 
…. the ballerina skirt was a really, really good move.